Yoga Inc., Gurus and Golden thrones

June 14th, 2007


Check out clips from a new documentary about Yoga in the USA.

John Philp does an excellent job of exposing some dark shadows cast by the commercialization of Yoga in this country. He delivers fact and opinion with humor and some cold hard truth.

Why as a Yoga teacher would I want students to see this? To create awareness. I have recently been hearing and reading about Yoga competitions. Mostly I shrug it off and think, ‘how absurd!’. One can not compete at Yoga, it is not a race or challenge or practice of perfection.

For me, Yoga is a ‘practice’ with no finish line, no winner, no score. It’s a time in the day or week that people can be spiritual, be in their bodies, move, breathe, unwind, and to take time out from multi-tasking lives to truly be present with themselves. In my humble opinion, Yoga practice is only for the benefit of Body, Mind and Soul. I laugh even hearing the financial guru in the clip calling it a multi-million dollar business. For profit Yoga “business” can and will exist in it’s own way but it does not have to preclude the practice of Yoga from the heart. I will gladly keep my priceless moments of inner peace and joy while Choudhury Bikram fattens his bank account.

I share this with you because a teacher of mine at Kripalu once shared with me the following words: “Beware the Guru on the Golden throne”.

Last words on this – practice Yoga from your heart for the greater good of yourself and all those you share your heart with. Remember the heart doesn’t hold pennies. Only the pockets of our clothes do.


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  1. [...] Scenario: A Yoga program claims “End your stress NOW through Yoga and Meditation practice”. Stressed out, working mother of five children, all under the age of six, finds no end to her stress after coming to class for six weeks, or even six months. No surprise there.  This is a false claim and while we hope that Yoga teachers have more integrity than that, you will find teachers making such blanket statements and pretty much ludicrous statements. Remember – beware the guru on the golden throne. [...]

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