Anatomy Freaks will Love

February 22nd, 2008

I am a ‘little bit’ of an anatomy freak as I am always curious and wanting to learn more about the inner workings of the body. I say a l’ittle bit’ because while I dragged my boyfriend to the IMAX movie, The Human Body I wasn’t quite sure I could stomach the Bodies Exhibit when it was in New York.

Don’t you ever wonder which muscles lift the rib cage when we breathe? Or what moves when we contract the rhomboids? Okay, maybe students don’t come up with the same questions as Yoga teachers who want to keep their students safe. Perhaps, though, you have wondered why your shoulder tends to ache in Eagle pose and which muscle is responsible for the bodies cry for relief. has all the visual answers we could want – and more! This is the coolest site ever! The creators are Dr. Ray Long, Orthopedic Surgeon as well as student of BKS Iyengar and Chris Macivor a 3D Graphic Designer and Illustrator. Together they have created a series of 3D Yoga books that demonstrate the skeletal and muscular anatomy of the body. All the pics below are linked to their source, so go check out the real deal – animated and in depth.

Bucket Breathing

The website is a bit of a marketing showcase for their books and it is one that works well because if I had the extra loot right now, I’d buy the enitre series of books. In any case, students and teachers alike can spy inside the body to see what the skeleton and muscles are actually doing in different postures and breath practices. Better yet, the web versions are animated so for instance, you can see this guy breathing in real time and zoom in on the muscle groups involved.

Bucket Breathing

There is a wide range of postures to choose from in the 3D Pose Viewer that rotates the body 360 degrees.


Or Look at posture flows that focus on a certain muscle or group, for example the Psoas.


I wish I had this resource during my teacher training and I am very glad to have it now. Thank you Ray and Chris for sharing as much as you do on the web. I will definitely put your complete series on my reading wish list.

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