Elysa’s Other Job

March 7th, 2009

On Thursdays you won’t find Elysa on the schedule at Dew. It’s the day she works herself ragged out of loving kindness and for no pay.

You can read more about her labor of love in the recent Stamford Times article.

“When the Wilson Food Pantry opened its doors three and a half years ago, Gumbus was catering to an average of 200 families a week living in the Stamford area. But as the economy sunk, Gumbus saw the amount of families in need of emergency aid increase dramatically. There are now 500 individuals who take advantage of the pantry’s free assistance every week, she said.

“It’s getting progressively worse,” said Elysa DeMartini, a Stamford resident who has been volunteering with the pantry for more than a year.”

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