Dew Yogis of the Month – Sue & Nick Ciocci

May 18th, 2009

Meet Nick & Sue
Nick and Sue I first met Nick back when Dew was in it’s infancy. He was committed to his Sunday morning practice on the same mats his son was practicing karate in the afternoons. Nick was quiet, focused and yet open and kind to the small group of regulars. Then we met Sue who was also quiet but notable for the determination as well as patience in her practice. While we have never seen them in a practice together, it is apparent that they lovingly give each other the space and time to practice solo while the other is home caring for their children.

Over the last year or so, their practices have blossomed and we have come to know they are not really so quiet but very kind, compassionate and funny – Sue is always good for a mid-class one liner to elicit a giggle from Yoga buddy Kate if not to lighten up the energy in the whole room. Most of all though, they are committed. Committed, no Sue, not to the peanut gallery, but to each other, their family, friends, their practices and also to the Dew community.
nick and sue

We are so blessed to share Yoga with Sue and Nick.

So here, are the usual questions and the Ciocci’s inspiring answers.

Q: How long have you been practicing Yoga?

A: Nick and I have only been practicing yoga for about a year and a half. For many of you reading this, you will need to think back 10,20,30, maybe even 40 years ago when you first planted your seed in a yoga community. Over the years you have watched your yoga seed blossom into various expressions. Nick and I have spent the last year learning many of the postures, rooting ourselves in the community, and we look forward to what will grow in the future.

Q: What fills your time off the mat?

A: Off the mat we are kept busy with three lovely but active young children. I have been blessed with the opportunity to be a full time stay at home mom/cook/maid/chauffer/entertainment director. Like many kids these days, ours are involved in a lot of after school activities. In fact, we first learned of Dew Yoga because they used to share the space where our son takes Karate. Our spare time hobbies include running, golfing, hiking, listening to live music, hanging out with friends, and sharing good vibes.

Q: How has your yoga practice affected your life off the mat?

A: Yoga has allowed us to step back from our busy lives only to appreciate every minute of them. It reminds us to see life like a young child would; with curiosity, excitement, wonder and love.

Q: What would you like to share with others about Yoga?

A: There is something we all share at Dew Yoga, and that is a great appreciation for the wonderful teachers who continually help us grow in all different aspects of our lives, and we thank you!

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