Dew Yogi of the Month – Lauren Shute

June 17th, 2009

Meet Lauren!

LaurenSee that smile? I don’t think she leaves home without it. Even between crunches in the Yoga Blast or determined to find the center of gravity in Crow pose, a look to Lauren is always met with a warm and no doubt about it, genuine, smile. Whether she arrives solo or with friends and roommates, she is such a happy energy in the studio, we wanted to shine some love and light back her way. Next time you see her at Dew be sure to say hi and you too will be gifted with her light. Of course, we asked her the usual questions…

Q: How long have you been practicing Yoga?

A:I had been introduced to yoga about 5 years ago, but did not give it much attention until 3 years ago. A very good friend of mine got me really excited about it and I began to see the benefits, learning, and enjoyment it gave me as I practiced more.

Q: what fills your time off the mat?

A: Exploring new places, running, reading, and enjoying the outdoors. I try to always keep in mind that I do not know how long I will live in an area, and dedicate time to getting to know my surroundings and seeing as much as I can!

Q: how has your yoga practice affected your life off the mat?

A: Yoga opens up a window for me to get to know myself in a way that I have not found with anything else. When I practice it helps me to see myself more clearly off the mat, and I feel comfortable that I am being true to who I am. Sometimes images, that feel like insights, will pop into my head during practice that I keep with me for a few days. Not to mention I am more relaxed!

Q: What would you like to share with others about Yoga?

A: I was a runner before I was a yogi, but there are many similarities. Neither are a race, you are never quite sure where your body will go or how it is feeling as you start, your attitude will shape your experience, and both require controlled breathing. This sounds pretty simple and obvious, but I found that my experiences as a runner helped me a lot as I became familiar with yoga

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