Eye Opener – ABC News Special Earth 2100

June 25th, 2009

Feeling a bit insomniac one night, I dropped into the CCC. Cyber Collective Consciousness.

OK, whatever, I was browsing the WWW and I wanted it to sound Yogic. The internet is yogic anyway – it’s all about connectivity.

I found this ABC News Special, Earth 2100.


Just check it out for yourself. It’s viewable for free online. I can not give you a direct link to the page but just follow these clicks:

Free Episodes
ABC News Specials
Earth 2100

It’s a two part series, one hour each, that illustrates what could happen to Earth in the next 90 years as told through a fictional character born in 2009 with commentary by today’s brightest minds and some pretty spectacular video of Earth as we know it now.

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