This Has Nothing To Do With Yoga

October 20th, 2010

Or perhaps it has everything to do with Yoga, as in it’s all Yoga anyway.

The Day-Night segment at the beginning of this silly and laugh out loud video is what grabbed my attention. It is always Day and Night isn’t it? We are always of light and dark, it is always the dark empty void of an exhale that invokes the light, life giving inhale.

Besides ‘stretching’ to find a Yoga connection here, the talking animals caught my eye. It is so interesting to me that we humans of self proclaimed higher intelligence (spoken with an edge of sarcasm) love to humanify animals. I know that’s not a real word, spell check told me so, raising the questions of the eh hem who or what should be proclaimed of higher intelligence (more sarcasm).

I think we find humor in videos like this at such a base level because in our wisdom bodies, in our consciousness far and away from the egoic thinking front of the mind, we know how ridiculous humans can be. If animals with their sharper instincts, their incredible survivability and harmonious unselfish ways of sharing the planet were to behave like us, we would have to laugh.


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