What is the foundation of Yoga practice?

October 25th, 2010

A solid foundation in Warrior 1 is a beautiful thing but is not the foundation of Yoga practice.
A three part breath that oxygenates the body, calms the nervous system and becomes a meditative focal point is a useful foundation to all the postures yet is not the foundation of Yoga practice.

Yama and Niyama are the foundation of Yoga practice. They are the first two of 8 limbs of Yoga as we learn and grow in the Kripalu tradition as well as in other traditions and lineages. Yama consists of 5 restraints of a moral, ethical and intentional practice. Niyama offer another 5 “observances’ or non-restraints.

In my classes for the last few years, I have unintentionally found myself returning to the Yama and Niyama around this time of year. Each week offering up another Yama or Niyama to practice throughout our breath, posture and meditation practice. The result is that about ten weeks from now we have studied and embodied each of the 10 pieces of the foundation and begin our new year with a solid, refreshed or renewed foundation.

Follow along in class or here on the blog to discover or rediscover the foundation that brings non-violence, non-attachment, non-stealing, moderation, truth, contentment, self study, purity, determination, and surrender to our Yoga practice – in the body, on the mat and off!

I will do my best to blog each aspect each week!

Love and light,

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