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March 22nd, 2011

Say NO WAY to Sales Tax on Yoga in Connecticut.

As part of Governor Malloy’s new budget proposal he is calling for a 6.25% sales tax on Yoga classes. This tax will have the biggest impact on your local Yoga Studio which happens to represent the smallest part of the revenue stream in the estimated 1.9 Billion dollar Yoga “Industry”.

We do not sell our Yoga for large profits and to build businesses.

We offer our teaching to improve the health and wellness of individuals and their communities at large. Our greatest profit it is Your health and well being.

Our colleagues in wellness; chiropractic, wellness centers, health clubs and gyms are tax exempt. Golf clubs, Karate classes, Tennis clubs, Yacht clubs and more are exempt from taxes because they encourage exercise, socializing and education. Why are Yoga Studios being singled out to generate income for the state?

Please write to Governor Malloy on his website and say No to Yoga Sales Tax. This will take you one minute of time.

If you have more time and energy today, please write to your State Rep and Senator and let them know your opinion too.

How a sales tax will affect the community? For example, at Dew Yoga, we will either have to tack on the sales tax to our prices, raising the cost of your individual classes or the studio will have to bear the burden of the tax which means, we may not be able to offer as many free, sliding scale or scholarship classes to those who need them. Besides the additional cost per class. The studio will bear the burden of additional accounting fees, tax returns and administrative duties to track sales tax. Is that how you want your Yoga Instructor to spend their time and your money?

Tonight at 7pm Governor Malloy will be at UCONN Auditorium in Stamford for a Town Meeting to hear the public. Dew Yoga and other studios in the area will be there to say NO to sales tax. Please join us if you can. Bring signs or posters of protest to draw attention from Malloy and the media.

In Love, Wellness and in Yoga,

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