Receiving The Blessings

March 15th, 2008

Elysa Shares Inspiration

How many times have you been asked to take a compliment in grace?

AngelThis week I was overcome with gratitude. I can’t tell you how many times I was left speechless and those of you who know me , it’s not an easy thing to do! To many, this would be considered a blessing in itself. Heeheehee! But really, this was a week of powerful lessons.

Recently, both a friend’s daughter and a friend’s husband asked me why I say “blessings” to everyone I meet. It’s not like I have a special dispensation from the Pope to bless people but I believe in the “pass it on” theory. Some of you know it as “The Secret” but it’s really no secret. You treat others how you want to be treated. I’ve begun to see all of life as a blessing. The more blessings you are aware of and recognize, the more you receive and there is even more to share.

That is why this week, I was thoroughly speechless a few times.

You can have ideas, or perhaps expectations of things but when they exceed your ideas or expectations, you can be left speechless.

This was the case for me this past week. I was blown away by the number of “blessings” received in so many ways. From our new logo, to people sharing ideas, kind words and physically bringing gifts. Such abundance of love, BIG LOVE! These were not solicited requests, but angels just showing up, being themselves. Most people don’t give to get something back.

At first I was taken aback, thinking I didn’t deserve it and wasn’t worthy. Ah hah, how many of us have had that thought?!?! Not worthy of the gifts, the love, the presents, the kindness, the opportunity and the list goes on and on. What keeps us from recieving these gifts in grace?

Fear, that’s what! Then one of the angels said “Why not you? Why do you think you don’t deserve it?” That, dear friends, took a bit of soul searching and selflessly admitting “I do deserve it.”


To see ourselves and others as blessings to others, connected to something greater than we are, brings new levels of awareness and joys to living. As we grow we move into a life of generosity, both giving and receiving. True generosity begins by having a generous heart based in respect and purposeful activities.

So the next time you are offered love, kind words, gifts of any kind, accept in gratitude and grace. Take the time, face your fears. Recognize you are worthy and in turn, that angel will feel it and the cycle goes on bigger and brighter with each breath.

And if you happen to pass me and I bless you, know that I recognize the God in you, your worthiness, your love, your light, big heart and your beauty shining through. That is my gift and my blessings for you!
Always and in all ways,
Blessings and Light!

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  1. Rita says:

    Elysa, how beautifully you’ve transformed over time. Always a beautiful flower, you’ve blossemed to your full potential and you exude a beautiful essense. Your words are truly who you are and not what you think. Wishing you all the best always!


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