Yogi of the Month – Anik Palulian

March 24th, 2008

In partnership with Dew Yoga, the blog ‘hopes’ to introduce a community Yogi each month to learn how students connect Yoga on the mat with their lives and communties off the mat.

AnikMeet Anik Palulian. Anik is an award-winning graphic designer, accessory designer, artist and budding product designer based in Rowayton, CT. A BFA from School of Visual Arts, and a BA in psychology mix with her lure towards the authentic, personal, handmade, and natural to create a unique style and dedication to “making it special”. She hopes to ride a pony to her mailbox one day, in Europe. To contact Anik for professional art and design work, please let me know using the contact link above and I will put you in touch with her.

You may have noticed Dew Yoga has a new Dew logologo. It has been designed with great love and care by Anik. She set out to create something for our community that would represent many characteristics of our practice; continuity, transformation, fluidity, union, peace, nature… We love the result, from the single stroke lines of the letters incorporating dew drops to the union of the birds.

Thank you Anik for seeing our dream and creating a beautiful representation of it!

I asked her some questions about Yoga.

Q: How long have you been practicing Yoga?

A: Only about a year and a half now. It feels like longer though.. it has integrated very fluidly and naturally. For me, it was time.

Q: What fills your time off the mat?

Anik ContemplatesA: I’m a designer and artist, so my work, interests, and thoughts tend to be interrelated. I am either working on an idea, thinking about an idea, researching and collecting things for such ideas, riding, reading, gazing love-sickeningly at my cat, thinking, making something, talking to myself, talking about how talking to myself is now a public activity and is only going to get worse with age, stalking stuff on ebay, daydreaming, writing, more cat love (I could just eat dem pawsers), listening to music or watching law & order re-runs. if it’s spring or summer, move it all outside in the grass and garden!

Q: How does your yoga practice affect your life off the mat?

A: Yoga has been a challenge, a support, a release and a nurturing route for my own growth. I feel a sense of accomplishment, strength and grace from my body, and a forgiveness, acceptance and presence in my “mind” or self. Sometimes yoga helps me drop something that has been grating at me.. sometimes all I can think about is what I want for dinner. And sometimes i am quiet. Often, I’m still in meditation prayer while everyone around me is rolling up their mats. And many times I have cried during shavasana, then scurried to my car and cried more. Whatever comes up, I take with me. I am always grateful I showed up for myself and went to class.

Q: What would you like to share with others about Yoga?

A: Give it your full self. Don’t think about the poses or any of that totally useless achiever-role crap. Yoga is a healing practice. It’s accepting. It can bring forth beautiful qualities in yourself that you did not know you possessed, or did so to such a degree, if you let go of thinking and doing your way through it. If you are in a vulnerable, fragile personal space, it is the perfect time to start. You will be guided, nurtured… and then, at some point, you’ll realize that nurturing is coming from yourself. you are doing it for yourself.


2 Responses to “Yogi of the Month – Anik Palulian”

  1. Jill Palulian says:

    See, how BEAUTIFUL my niece is…inside and out…
    Love you P’nut…A/Gee

  2. Linda Geils says:

    Anik is THE most creative, loving, sensitive creature I know. Her work is true and integrated in every sense…makes me wanna try YOGA!!! AND, she’s gorgeous…some are just blessed. Peace, love and laughter.
    Linda Geils
    New Fairfield, CT

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