Group Classes for Adults

I teach group classes for adults of all levels. Classes are at a variety of locations - check the schedule and locations.

Most classes are All-Level, meaning anyone from beginner to seasoned Yogi is welcome. My classes invite students to relax into my guidance through a flow of breath and movement while tuning into their own inner wisdom, listening to their bodies as the ultimate teachers of their practice and experience. I feel this provides additional physical, emotional and psychological safety that allow people to move deeper into the the knowing of their own bodies. It’s called finding one’s ‘edge’, witnessing it, being with it and allowing it – without judgment. This usually leads to a melting away of one edge, taking the student to a new edge or a deeper place in their practice.

Most classes follow this format:

(breathing to prepare the lungs for practice, sometimes includes chanting)
Gentle Warm Ups (to prepare the joints for movement)
Vinyasa (flowing movement, yoga postures in motion)
Asana in depth (yoga postures, with alignment details and longer holding)
Shavasana (guided relaxation for restoration and integration)

See the schedule.

Students said:

“Thanks too for the yoga class last week.  I always enjoy it and I feel so good afterward!” – Yogini Dorothy

Many thanks for the much needed healing practice last night.  The slow pace helped tremendously.  I feel sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better. – Yogin Les

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