Posture Flows

Teachers – please share posture flows you enjoy. Let us all inspire one another. 

Open & Twist

Begin Table.
Exhale Downward Facing Dog.
Inhale, raise right leg to sky Three Legged Dog
Bend right knee, open right hip to sky, breathe.
Exhale, square hips to floor, draw right knee under the body, Pigeon Pose.
Walk hands forward, recline, breathe.
Inhale, raising torso, opening shoulders.
Plant right hand and hip to floor.
Swing left leg around the body bending left knee and crossing left foot over right knee.
Right hand to left knee, seated spinal twist, breathe.
Release twist and bring left hand to left knee, open front body in counter twist.
Release counter twist, plant right hand and hip into floor, swing left leg behind body, return to Pigeon Pose.
Curl right toes under, exhale back to Downward Facing Dog.
Repeat on left side.

Low Salute

Love this one as a warm up right after hip circles in Table Pose.

Table Pose – Inhale look ahead
Exhale back to Child Pose
Inhale rise up on the knees, arms next to ears, gentle back bend, arms over head.
Exhale plant hands in Table, curl toes and press back to Downward Facing Dog
Inhale Table Pose
Repeat sequence – flowing with the breath.

Half Moon Vinyasa – Ardha Chandra Vinyasa

This is a very basic Kripalu vinyasa. Every time I lead it in class students are surprised by the sequence and thoroughly enjoy the openings created in the side body. I am not sure why but I get the feeling it is not very commonly led. Try it…. 

Inhale arms out to sides and over head, hands meet in temple mudra.
Exhale side bending – half moon (Kripalu style, both feet stay planted to floor) to the right.
Inhale back to center.
Exhale side bending to the left.
Inhale back to center.
Exhale arms float down, hands to low back.
Inhale gently press hips forward, open chest into gentl back bend.
Exhale fold forward, crown of head to earth, hands soar out to sides and skyward.
Finish in tadasana or continue for three rounds with breath leading movement.

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  1. fernanda says:

    these were really helpful I did them with my mom.

  2. Jen says:

    Glad you found them helpful! You inspire me to add some new ones. Check back soon.

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